La Esquina del lago Jungle River Lodge

Hospedage Ecologico & Tours on Rio San Juan  Nicaragua  Since 1998

Hotel, Restaurant, Tours, Jungle River Lodge, Located in Refugio de Vida Silvestre  Los Guatuzos San Carlos, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua. 

Tours to Reserves and National Parks:  Solentiname, El Castillo, Indio Mais, Medio Quesso, Los Guatuzos...

  Tel Lodge  505 5768 4623         E-Mail Champa

 Special offer  All Inclusive Package Discover Rio San Juan   3 Days, 2 Nights, Transfers, Lodging, All meals  (Specialty fresh fish & Natural fruit juice ) , 3 motor boat Tours in Jungle and National Parks with pro guide, Free use of Kayaks, Fishing local style in Property ....   $ 150 all Include Per person minimum 2 persons.... Aditional all include day Lodging and all Meals $60 p/person